PlateScrape AE Landing page

Hospitality businesses are saving thousands of dollars a year!

Use  PLATESCRAPE as the ideal tool for on and off site pre-sanitation. Effortlessly clean stubborn egg, cheese, and dried on sauces.



  • Uses 93% less water!
  • Saves Energy!
  • Saves Time!

Drop the Spray Nozzle

Spraying plates creates backsplash that could potentially carry viruses and infect dish staff

Spray nozzles use 1-3 gallons of HOT water per minute! PLATESCRAPE was tested by Food Service Technology Center to work 40% faster and use 93% less water than your average spray nozzle.

Scrape it, don't spray it!

Traditional methods of washing dishes wastes millions of gallons of  clean, drinkable water, every day. With PLATESCRAPE we are changing the way dishes are washed saving time, energy, and water!


 Start Saving