TIPS: Gym Quickies by Matt Z

Clock's ticking and you need your workout completed ASAP.
There's a few things you can do to quicken your routine so you can bug-out and get on with your
Give these 3 a spin:
A circuit is when you do multiple exercises all back to back, followed by a rest period at the very
end. This is apposed to the more traditional work/rest/work/rest style.
Molding a traditional routine into a circuit does a few things. First off, you can get the workout
done in almost half the time flat. This is because the rest period is saved to the very end and not
after each set. Another result is that you'll be getting more of a caloric/energy expense at the
end of your routine. This is because you're ALWAYS working. As one body part is resting from
it's exercise another is being challenged right after. This happens so on and so forth throughout
the whole lap up until it's time to rest.
Long story short, you'll be huffing and puffing. And that's always a good thing in my books.
If time's the focus then it's a lot more efficient to train 2 or more muscles at once rather then
splitting them into two different movements.
Splitting and hitting every little muscle has it's uses at times. For this purpose however, it's a
time sucker and we don't want that right now. You can still get an effective workout and hit all
the areas you want, we just need to be smart about it.
Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time (via challenging
multiple joint angles at the same time). Exercises that fall under this category hit all the major
movers in a nice tight compact package. Perfect for your time crunch.
Big bang-for-your-buck exercises like squats, push-ups, rows kettle bell swings and dead lifts for

Don't scroll away from this point, this is no trivial matter.

The old school pen and paper can quite honestly change your workout culture forever.
Nothing beats having a physical plan and notes on your progress when it comes to achieving a
goal. It helps you stick to the program, notice good or bad reoccurring habits and it gives you a
sense of legitimate accomplishment as you fill in the information on your workout. Not to
mention it'll show you your progression throughout the weeks and will help keep your gym visits
Write down your program ahead of time so you know exactly what to do the moment you walk in
then fill in the blanks each and every workout you do. From reps, sets, weight and exercise
right to how you felt after you finished.
"I'll just put it in my phone bro, way more convenient".
OK sure whatever works.
But honestly I must say I've made a very interesting observation as to how people utilize their
smart phones and tracking apps.
There's a limited amount of convenience something can have before that very convenience
drowns out all the other functions of the device.
So in other words, if you have your banking, contact list, music, game apps, social media,
emails, calendar, grocery lists and 15 other apps and widgets that help you throughout the day
AND your workout notes on top of that, you might not even bother jotting down your program in
the first place. Or at the very least, eventually fall out of the habit of doing it every workout. It's
just one more thing buried in your phone that you might or might not get to.
The physical notebook however, is unavoidable and had a direct functional purpose of holding
your workout programs.
Keep it in your gym bag. Take it with you to the gym floor and throw your phone in the locker.

Go get it.

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